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I wonder how "big" the Internet is...

I'm sitting here waiting for some videos to upload so thought I'd write a post.

Since March last year, videos have become a massive part of my role at Tang Hall SMART; recording them, editing them and...uploading them.

I don't like sitting with nothing to do, so I have two or more computers on the go, so I can get on with stuff while the other is doing its thing. I am a numbers man, but that doesn't mean I like watching them crawl from 1 to 100 very slowly; even I can't get pleasure from that.

I know that watching a video isn't the same as face to face connectivity, but I must say, I've learned a lot from watching videos over the years and I quite like my own company. Even so, this has been going on since LAST MARCH!

So now I'm even, actually, surprisingly, finally looking forward to a time when things get back to some kind of normality. I can only imagine what these lockdowns have been like for others. The good news is that Tang Hall SMART is going strong. We've continued to grow as a Community Interest Company and that means we can reach farther and wider, especially now we've established ourselves with our online provisions, so this isn't just a temporary side line, this is now part of our make-up.

74%. Once this one's uploaded I'll be adding more videos to this website in the drums section, lyrics & composition, beatmaking & production and arts projects. Check them out. Take care.

- Neil

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Glenn Sweetman
Glenn Sweetman
Feb 12, 2021

Nicely put, mate.

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