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Neil's Experience

During the course of the project, I shared some of my thoughts with the camera. I will continue to do this and keep adding to this resource. I have been in recovery for over 4 years and found only one way that worked for me. I tried to control and manipulate the world around me so that I could use drugs in the way that I wanted to. But I couldn't control or change the fact that I am an addict and so using drugs will always have extremely negative consequences and will be to the detriment of myself and those around me. I tried stopping with the aid of one to one counselling sessions, group therapy, hypnotism, auricular acupuncture, rehab and I tried stopping on self-will. None of these worked and over a period of many years I got progressively worse in my addiction. In the following videos, I talk more about these failed attempts and my own view on addiction. 

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