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Bus Stop Project

During the pandemic, a lot of our onsite provision couldn't continue but I was keen to continue reaching out to people in other ways. This started out with regular phone calls and then I thought why not meet up outside? So over a period of 9 months I met up with some of our participants, either in the bus stop outside our centre, or nearby. As an addict in recovery, I know the importance of connectivity and wanted to start a project where we would speak about addiction, recovery, homelessness, mental health and social identity. This was a mammoth project in the end with months and months of weekly conversations. I also created a few monologues and will continue to do so as the site grows. I am in the process of editing these videos with different participants into stand-alone documentary-style videos. Here are the conversations I had with one participant. Please check out the other pages on the website for more conversations with different participants.

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