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About THS Music & Arts Community

THS Music & Arts Community is an online resource created by Tang Hall SMART in York for adults who are interested in music and arts. We have a library of tutorials and resources, created by our music and art tutors and this is constantly being added to. These include tutorials on bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals, beatmaking & production, lyric writing & composition and more. Some of these resources are available to everyone  but if you would like to have a free membership, which gives you unlimited access to all resources in all categories plus new resources as they are uploaded, then please contact us and we will arrange this for you. 


THS Music and Arts Community is home to the Musication Record Label and you can listen to or watch material released on our label. You can even purchase products from our shop; we have a catalogue of CD albums, EPs and digital downloads. 

This website features a shared gallery, which is a place for members and visitors to display their art, whether it be music, poetry, painting, spoken word, drama, sculpture; anything. If you have a story to tell, like some of our tutors, then you might wish to add your story to our Real Lives pages. 

We will be hosting live events through the website on our events platform and you can keep up to date with these by accessing our events calendar.

For anyone who is new to us, we welcome you; and to those who are visiting us and have met us in the real world and wish to continue your artistic journey with us; welcome back!

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