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Art Projects

Here is where you can try out our art projects that have been created by our art tutors. If you like these projects, you can become an Access Member to unlock further art projects; or you can become a Gold Member for access to ALL art projects, plus new projects every month, as well as access to ALL other videos plus new ones each month. 

Project # 1

Draw your favourite cartoon character from childhood. You could then draw another cartoon character. Could you invent a scene they are in together and draw that too? For example, Bart Simpson and Kenny (off South Park) fishing …

Project # 2

The Andy Warhol Pop Art project ...

You could draw something that you like to eat for your lunch, using bright colours and then repeat the drawing in a grid to get the pop art look. You could also try using digital software or printmaking techniques to try different colours out.

Example 1

Example A Natasha's Andy Warhol art task

Example 2

Example A. Pop Art poster-example by  Na
Example 1.jpg
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